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Be not afraid of greatness!

March 29, 2008  |  apex, business  |  No Comments

Some weeks ago we started planning to create translated versions of our Better.CRM app for abroad markets based on english and spanish languages. I'm sure that there are SMB companies around the world that are not willing to rely on on-demand hosted services (like salesforce, zoho, etc), and that need a...

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Let's start selling!

March 18, 2008  |  apex, business  |  No Comments

Yesterday my company launched a national marketing campaign for an umbrella trademark of online software solutions to the portuguese SMB market. The trademark is named GetBetter. The 3 solutions launched are: Better.BIZ (ERP developed in Oracle Forms and Reports) , Better.CRM (web based CRM solution developed in APEX) and at...

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How strong are logos?

March 16, 2008  |  business  |  No Comments

I must say that I love these logos...  :) Specially the NEOFACE new logo! I didn't like it the first time our brand agency showed us... but at the end it was the logo we choose for our new corporate image. This is part of the new NEOFACE we are trying to...

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POW: DB_CACHE_SIZE… and son :)

March 14, 2008  |  dba  |  No Comments

The DB_CACHE_SIZE parameter, in old Oracle versions know as DB_BLOCK_BUFFERS,  sets the size of memory data buffer cache region. Since 9i we can have different cache size parameters for multiple blocksizes, including DB_nK_CACHE_SIZE. For instance you can put your indexes in structures with higher cache size,  like DB_32K_CACHE_SIZE. DB_nK_CACHE_SIZE specifies the size...

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Securing OIDDAS at OAS 10g

March 11, 2008  |  dba, security  |  1 Comment

Oracle Application Server is one of the most complete application servers on the market. Here, I work with Forms, Reports and SSO. Our customers rely on Internet to run our apps, but as you know Internet is a space somehow like Bronx in the 80's. I tried to find a solution...

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Securing APEX with mod_security

March 7, 2008  |  apex, dba, linux, security  |  No Comments

SQL Injection is a technique that exploits a vulnerability in the database layer of an application. This usually ocurrs when the user inputs incorrectly filtered for string literal escape characters embedded in SQL statements. This is one of the most common attacks that a site must be prepared to handle. I...

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