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March 3, 2008  |  dba, off-Topic

Today I had some doubts about some myths… or suposed myths. Some years ago I’ve learned in Oracle Tuning courses (Oracle University) that using different tablespaces for indexes and data is good performance measure. After a OTN post about APEX performance Tyler, a proeminient Oracle staff person, linked me to a Tom Kyte post that assures that managin indexes and datain different tablespaces does not mean performance.

In the same post I saw that there are other Oracle users that learn what I also learn in Oracle courses, and Jefrey commented what  we all learn at Oracle University courses.

I went and confirmed that in the “Oracle OCP Oracle 9i Database: Performance Tuning Exam Guide”, Charles A Pack, Editor, Oracle Press, Chapter 7, page 147: “Table and Index Segments – Keep index segments separate from their associated table segments.” The chapter states the idea at least three times. If you want to kill this myth, you might want to ask the other branches of the Oracle corporation to stop printing it.

So, what you think about this? Do you data and indexes should be in different tablespaces? comment me… Just to kill the myth 🙂

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  1. Florian Westerdahl

    Ummm you know, I agree with you in this but still there are several reasons to keep data and indexing apart, some could be:

    1) Index rebuilds (some think that is a myth as well)
    2) Recoverability (indexes may sometimes be easier just to re-create on the fly)

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