SOA this, SOA that… SOA soon :)

April 4, 2008  |  apex, business

To some critics, SOA seems to be a technology marketing hype! For me it’s not. I don’t see SOA as the miraclous cure for aging, neither a bunch of nothing new.

The dirst for reusable coupled services interoperating independently from the technology is big.  SOAP and XML was the trigger to move people to the edge of how we’ve always written distributed systems and put the promise of SOA within sight.

Last month we deployed web solutions based on Oracle 11g and APEX. For part of this movement to 11g was the fact that XML DB on 11g comes with the ability to publish any PL/SQL stored procedure as a web service without the need of one single line of code and with no deployment effort.

We’ll sure explore the advantage of making our apps interacting with other apps with no hassle to manage. I see our CRM solution interacting with SIP and VOIP servers… I see our tasks project management solution interacting with external ERP systems… and much more!

The 11g XML DB is not a full featured SOA solution but I think it’s very simple to use and has a simple but effective security model. The bar raised again… other databases have been simply wiped out! The bar also raised for us… We’ll SOA soon!

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