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April 7, 2008  |  apex, business

Even in the marvel project early days I already believed that the now called APEX would be great for developing business applications. I still remember when I was trying to move, my partner and friend, Paulo Vale to HTMLDB because we were both skilled and experient PL/SQL web programmers since WEB DB releases. I also remember an hard position that I had almost 2 years ago when I stand my opinion that former HTMLDB would be the better choice for us to develop our planned CRM application. I’m happy that I had it, cause I think APEX can be the future of our professional lifes.

Why I believed in HTMLDB ? It’s easy explained. It’s based on ORACLE Database SQL and PL/SQL, so it could scale up to anything we would ever need. In that time we already developed PL/SQL web applications that handled easily hundred concurrent users on a simple server, so I thought that it would be great to use our SQL and PL/SQL skills to develop web business applications.

Today, we have 3 major APEX based applications… a CRM solution, a Tasks management solution and a TTS solution. All 3 are designed from scratch to be deployed in 2 software business models… common licensing on-Site installation and Software as a Service. These applications are built to allow several customers to use the same infrastruture in a hosting environment. They can use VPD feature to do the job of creating virtual private databases but they are also designed to avoid VPD licensing limitations if necessary.

After we build a CRM solution on APEX that performs great in terms of performance and easy of use, I think this plataform can be used do develop any database transaction based application. I can assure you that our CRM application can knockout several well know applications in the market! We use the latest great features that APEX 3.1 comes with, so you can already imagine how easy it is for a user build their own favorite reports and charts.

I think APEX is a RAD plataform that can be used in any business…. and any application!

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