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Better.CRM – an APEX built SOA ready solution

May 18, 2008  |  apex, business  |  8 Comments

At Neoface, we're trying to make ours applications SOA friendly. Better.CRM is our Customer Relationship Management solution that's built on APEX. This solution is very user-friendly, has custom dynamic reports, custom dynamic charts and dashboards, user customization, etc...  and in the past months we have some nice feedback from abroad markets. Currently...

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Easy Oracle software Linux installation

May 11, 2008  |  dba, linux  |  6 Comments

Have you ever thought that installing Oracle software on Linux should be so easy as it is on Windows? I think that a lot. At my company we realized that  everytime we needed to install Oracle Database and/or Oracle AS, we needed to do some pre-install tasks that were always...

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Backup your database easily and online!

May 9, 2008  |  dba, linux, security  |  2 Comments

There still some people that don't understand how powerful and simple RMAN is... RMAN (Recovery Manager) is an Oracle provided utility for backing-up, restoring and recovering Oracle Databases. RMAN ships with the database server and doesn't require a separate installation nor licensing. The RMAN is located in your ORACLE_HOME/bin directory...

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Setup Oracle Database Archivelog mode

May 8, 2008  |  dba, linux, security  |  1 Comment

A short musical video tutorial showing how easily you can configure Oracle Database to use archivelog mode. Using archivelog mode is highly recommended in any production database and allows RMAN hot backups (online backups) . You can also use RMAN without archivelog, but you'll have to shutdown the database to backup...

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