Setup Oracle Database Archivelog mode

May 8, 2008  |  dba, linux, security

A short musical video tutorial showing how easily you can configure Oracle Database to use archivelog mode. Using archivelog mode is highly recommended in any production database and allows RMAN hot backups (online backups) . You can also use RMAN without archivelog, but you’ll have to shutdown the database to backup it (cold backup).

Let’s system of a down 🙂 Beware… highly advisable to TURN OFF sound if you don’t like hard rock 😉

It easily done with:

shutdown immediate;
startup mount;
alter database archivelog;
alter database open;

If your database version is prior 10g then after shutdown and before open database you must set log_archive_start = TRUE in your init.ora and/or spfile.ora

After that, as sys, you can check it out with:

archive log list;
select log_mode from v$database;

Cya, Joao

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  1. Hi

    iam faizal, from chennai, india..

    Recently i enabled archive log in test database. but it generate archive log file in different filename..

    this is file “o1_mf_1_815_4p9jwpnv_.arc” generated in archive destination..

    steps i followed to enable archive mode..

    a. shutdown immediate;
    b. startup mount;
    c. alter system set db_recovery_file_dest=’/../path/..’ scope=spfile;
    d. alter system set db_recovery_file_dest_size=2gb scope=spfile;
    e. alter database archivelog;
    f. alter database open;
    g. select log_mode from v$database;
    h. archive log list;
    Database log mode Archive Mode
    Automatic archival Enabled
    Archive destination
    Oldest online log sequence 817
    Next log sequence to archive 819
    Current log sequence 819

    I. shutdown immediate and start up again. ok.

    after open the db, i do log switch multiple times , to check whether it create archive in that location.
    it creating archive file in that location which i mentioned in the parameter.but the file name is not perfect..
    like this : o1_mf_1_815_4p9jwpnv_.dbf

    then i changed the
    log_archive_format = %t_%s_%r.arc

    but this time it generate archive file, like this

    now my question is

    what is the root cause for this confussion.
    i want archive file name exactly what i given in the archive format..

    what i have do now .. please help me. how to correct this problem….


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