Easy Oracle software Linux installation

May 11, 2008  |  dba, linux

Have you ever thought that installing Oracle software on Linux should be so easy as it is on Windows? I think that a lot. At my company we realized that  everytime we needed to install Oracle Database and/or Oracle AS, we needed to do some pre-install tasks that were always annoying. As result of that…  we’ve made preparing Linux for Oracle Software Installation easy like Sunday morning! What we’ve done? All… All you need:

  1. configure kernel parameteres, sysctl, limits
  2. create oracle user, dba and oinstall groups
  3. create directory for software installation and assign the ownership to oracle:install
  4. check for any missing package dependency… and Install them!

All in a simple GUI interface! It’s NEOPI… Neoface Oracle pre-installer. This works for 9i, 10g and 11g… also works for OAS 10g!

What you need to run it? Only a X Window System working and an Internet connection (if Gnome is missing NEOPI install it too 🙂 ) . This works under Oracle Linux, CentOS and Redhat Enterprise Linux… any 4.x or 5.x version!

This tool uses yum or up2date to install silently any package that’s missing on your Linux installation. 

Better than words… I guess a video will show you ALL about it!


  1. Really nice tool. You didn’t mentioned where it can be found for downloading ?


  2. Hi George:

    We haven’t yet made it available public, because this tool is in the process of beeing translated to english.
    Also this tool is beeing strip down to do just what I posted about! At the moment it installs also our software silently 🙂

    I promise that i will email the download link to you when its ready ok ?


  3. Hello Joao,

    can you mail me the download link also if finished? Please? Thanks.

  4. Hi Carsten and all you guys,

    I’ll soon post here, in the blog, the download link… We’re finishing it… subscribe my RSS feed and you’ll know when it’s ready!

    Best Regards

  5. Any updates on thisNEOPI software?
    I can’t wait to try…. 🙂

  6. Hi Mac:

    I’ll try to upload it today… I’ve been very busy last few weeks. I just posted once. I’ve got it ready for about a week ago. I’ll try to post it today and explain how it works and how you can handle it to extend it with more functionalities.



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