Better.CRM – an APEX built SOA ready solution

May 18, 2008  |  apex, business

At Neoface, we’re trying to make ours applications SOA friendly. Better.CRM is our Customer Relationship Management solution that’s built on APEX. This solution is very user-friendly, has custom dynamic reports, custom dynamic charts and dashboards, user customization, etc…  and in the past months we have some nice feedback from abroad markets. Currently we are finishing the english translation and we’ll start also the spanish translation soon. Beside this move to try to achieve other markets than the portuguese, we are also making our CRM solution web-service ready. And I must say, Oracle made it easy for us to do it… but we also made it easy with our internal technology model, based on well structured PL/SQL packages and view based triggers. Fortunatly, with Oracle 11g is very easy to deploy a PL/SQL procedure and/or package as a webservice. With the 11g native web services we’ll soon deploy a CRM solution that can be integrated with any piece of software around the world. With this architecture, our customers would have a way to integrate Better.CRM with their ERP solutions, with their Customer Portal solutions and with their Call Center infrastrucure, or any other piece of software.

I really hope that when we deploy the english version online test-drive, all you people that come on my blog try it and give me some feedback of it…



  1. Good Layout and design. I like your blog. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. .

    Jason Rakowski

  2. Johannes de Jong

    Hi Joao,

    I”l be interested to have a look once the tranlated version is available.


  3. I just posted a comment to Paulo’s blog. To see if there’s an english version. We just signed up for SALESFORCE hosted solution. I would have loved to build something in house using APEX.

    Now we’re thinking of building or migrating our MS Access written TMS and want to convince mgmt, that APEX can do it.

    Please provide a english version as a demo. Would really appreciate it.


  4. Hi Barry:

    Our english version of Better.CRM is 99% translated. I’ll forward your request to Paulo (he’s in vacations, but i guess he can handle that request) and he’ll send you an username and password to check the demo.

    Best Regards,
    Joao Oliveira

  5. Robert Donnelly

    Hi Joao,

    Is the English cersion of Better.CRM available yet?


    Rob Donnelly

  6. Hi,
    I would be very interested in your English version. Our university has been looking at CRM software and we have purchased some departmental level products but if we can find one that would better integrate with our ERP which is Oracle centric (Ellucian Banner) then we might have a more universal solution to the need.

    Pat Miller
    Enterprise Systems
    University of Notre Dame

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