I'm PROUD to be Portuguese! off-Topic :)

June 3, 2008  |  off-Topic

Portugal is a country of emigrants… It always been, but specially in the last 80 years. Switzerland is one of the many European countries that has a relatively large portuguese community. As you may know, the EURO 2008 CUP will start this week and it will take place in Austria and Switzerland.  Last weekend the portuguese national team arrived Geneva, Switzerland. What you’ll see in the next video is the amazing, not to say stunning, escort that thousands of portuguese bikers made to the BUS that took the portuguese team from the airport to the Geneva downtown. Take a look… thousands on bikes and on the roadside… This is what we call PAIXAO! We love Football!!!

PS: This takes place in Switzerland!!! If you want, you can also check this: Euro 2004 Escort


  1. And we didn’t won nothing yet…. 😉

  2. Wish you luck for this cup, but for this Saturday I think our team will want to win more than your team, young players hungry for success against one of the most expensive national team of the world.

    At least it will be a good game for sure 🙂

    Best regards.

  3. I think Portugal makes a big chance to win this year!

    BTW did you have a look at http://www.dgtournament.com ?

    As you’re also an APEX user, that site was complete made in APEX to show Oracle can also be fun 😉

    You can bet on the games and see the results.


  4. Hi:

    Yılmaz I hope it will be a good game and that the best team win… Portugal 😉

    Dimitri, I’ve been on dgtournament.com in the past competitions… your site it’s an icon of aPEX development 🙂 I know it for sure! I suggest you to put one of these videos of my post in your “video of the day” ;););)

    Best Regards,

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