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Data Pump PL/SQL error when called via procedure

July 18, 2008  |  dba, pl/sql  |  1 Comment

Do you remember my data pump code sample post about PL/SQL partial export? Btw, It's on the top 5 most read in my blog. So today I've found that if that code is run directly, on SQLPLUS or any other tool like SQL DEVELOPER, SQL NAVIGATOR, in the following way: [sql] DECLARE variables; BEGIN pl_sql_code; END; [/sql] It...

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Speed Up execution of APEX packages – PINNING!

July 16, 2008  |  apex, dba  |  No Comments

One of the most important parts of tuning a stressed Oracle database is to increase performance of business logic code. Lot's applications in nowadays use RDBMS not only for data storage but also for business logic processing. For instance, at Neoface we always try to put every data manipulation code...

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No doubt APEX is here to stay!

July 16, 2008  |  apex  |  No Comments

In 2005 there were some doubts about APEX future, former HTMLDB. Oracle made it quite simple to show its commitment in the end of 2005 by releasing their rewrited Metalink support site using their own APEX technology. If any of you still have some doubts about it, Oracle used APEX technology...

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Oracle Tablespaces Explained

July 9, 2008  |  dba  |  7 Comments

In a DBMS (database management system) a tablespace is a logical group of data files in a database. Common database contains at least one tablespace but usually two or more. In a database, a tablespace plays a role similar to that of a folder on the hard drive of a...

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