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Oracle Exadata Programmable Storage Server

September 25, 2008  |  business, dba  |  No Comments

Here it is the big announcement that make justice to the all hype about Oracle Openworld 2008. Oracle released it's first hardware product and it's built by HP. Oracle Exadata Storage Server is an easy-to-deploy and scalable storage module. And... it's a WOOOWWW. It's like a dream come true! Oracle Parallel...

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My blog on a cloud :)

September 21, 2008  |  off-Topic  |  No Comments

A way to give some color to my blog... :)

Sync backups between multiple servers and a central server

September 20, 2008  |  linux, security  |  1 Comment

Hi folks... I'm back from vacations and from some weeks without blogging. Today I'll write about a problem that I had on managing multiple servers and their backups. Imagine that you manage multiple servers and you want to assure that the nightly disk backups are copied to a central server that's...

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