Oracle Exadata Programmable Storage Server

September 25, 2008  |  business, dba

Here it is the big announcement that make justice to the all hype about Oracle Openworld 2008. Oracle released it’s first hardware product and it’s built by HP. Oracle Exadata Storage Server is an easy-to-deploy and scalable storage module.

And… it’s a WOOOWWW. It’s like a dream come true! Oracle Parallel Query Server is now part of the hardware! Oracle removed it from the database and it’s now part of that big machine with 2 intel processors (8 cores), 12 Terabytes of storage raw data. This beauty does not return blocks of data… it returns the query results. This is HUGE!!!

Imagine what this means for Datawarehouse Terabyte Databases and what this means for Grid Computing! But the bonus is that this appliance is not readonly optimized! This works well either for OLTP and OLAP databases!

This makes all that hype worthful! The Exadata I/O is sequential and has scan rates of 80 MB/s per disk drive, almost 1GB per Storage Cell is easily achieved. With 14 Exadata Storage Cells, the data-scanning rate is 14 GB/s. Only a little more than a minute to scan a Terabyte on tables and indexes.


Oracle Exadata Storage Server is based on the HP ProLiant DL180 G5 server. Customers will have the choice of SAS or SATA drives and may get storage capacity up to 12 Terabytes. The Oracle Exadata software is pre-installed.

You can see the machine specs here. Kevin Closson has a great article about it… read it here.

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