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Database Links with Global Names common errors

October 30, 2008  |  dba  |  1 Comment

In a distributed database system, each database must have a unique name... a global database name. Global database names uniquely identify a database in the system. To query a database's global name issue this instruction: SQL> SELECT * FROM global_name; GLOBAL_NAME ----------- . A global database name is formed by two components: a database name and...

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Improve SQL*Plus … before you get crazy!

October 22, 2008  |  linux  |  3 Comments

Have you ever used backspace key or delete key when writing SQL*Plus statements? Have you ever wanted SQL history like you have on mysql or on any other unix/linux command line ? If yes, this post is for YOU! Sometimes, some annoying behaviours that developers from big companies don't watch, drive...

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Archivelog ORA-16014 log sequence not archived

October 11, 2008  |  dba  |  10 Comments

One common mistake in 10g, when we enable archivelog mode, happens when we use the flash recovery area default settings as the repository for our archived redo log's... The mistake consequences will happen 20-30 days after the database archivelog mode been enabled. By default Oracle 10g Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) sets...

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