Download Oracle Software with WGET

August 15, 2010  |  apex, dba, linux

Almost every people that work with Oracle software use to grab their software from either edelivery or OTN site. Some of them are avid command line geeks :)… as me!

So, one of the things a command line experienced user hates is to have to go to a browser to download a piece of software. I also dislike it 🙂 a lot!

I like WGET… i mean I love it. So for everyone of you that rely on WGET to download Oracle Software from OTN, this will surelly be a huge hint…. You don’t have to create any special cookies workaround to download software from OTN with WGET, you don’t have to open your browser… neither text based like lynx, or gui based like firefox.

So, I won’t make you waste more time. Here it goes! The following command download ORACLE XE with WGET from OTN site. Just look at it… and you surelly understand it!

wget --no-check-certificate -vv --post-data="globalId=&redirectUrl="

Hope you like it! By the way… you can use it to download patches from Oracle Support or any other Oracle software site!

Bye, Joao


  1. But be aware that you’ve put your account name and password in there and you probably don’t want to do that with an OTN account that is linked to an Oracle MySupport account.

  2. Seems not to work with the new download site

  3. Can you please update this to work with the new site?

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