Amazon EC2 Micro Instances

September 9, 2010  |  cloud, linux

Today amazon announced the availability of Micro instances for Amazon EC2. These are low cost instance type designed for lower throughput applications and web sites.

These low cost instances provide 613 MB of memory and support 32-bit and 64-bit platforms on both Linux and Windows. Micro instance pricing for On-Demand instances starts at $0.02 per hour for Linux and $0.03 per hour for Windows. They’re also available as reserved instances for about $0.01 per hour!!! WOW!

Micro instances provide a small amount of consistent CPU resources, and also allow you to burst CPU capacity when additional cycles are available.

There’s lot of things we can do with a low cost and low resource instance… thousands of small apps that demand low resources can run now on the cloud and this will be a huge step in the cloud computing business. Influential analyst Lydia Leong suggests that this could provide a stepping stone for many businesses going to the cloud.

I can also see lots of people installing Oracle XE in a Debian or Fedora minimal install. I’ll made some tests soon and put some results here for you guys!

Cya, Joao


  1. Dear João,

    Did you managed to make any tests with the Micro Instance and Oracle DB?

    All best,

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