Oracle Exalogic: the cloud in a box.

September 20, 2010  |  weblogic

Oracle announced first and only integrated middleware machine—a combined hardware and software offering designed to revolutionize data center consolidation.

Oracle Exalogic is pre-assembled and delivered in standard 19” 42U rack configurations. Each Exalogic compute node is a a standard 1U enclosure containing two 6-core processor with two solid-state disks (SSDs), which host the operating system images used to boot the node and act as high-performance local swap space and storage for diagnostics operations.

Exalogic also provides users with a choice of Oracle Linux or Oracle Solaris operating systems.
According to Oracle, by consolidating applications to Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, enterprises will:
  • Accelerate the performance of Java applications by as much as 14x
  • Improve reliability and scalability beyond even the most mission-critical requirements
  • Reduce deployment effort by up to 95% and reduce costs by as much as 60%
You can find more details on exalogic whitepaper.

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