Reset or Recover Oracle VM Manager Password

November 27, 2010  |  cloud, linux

Oracle VM Manager allows users to reset their accounts passwords. The problem is that if you forgotten it and the SMTP server is not configured you’ll not receive an email notifying you by using the “Forget Password” feature-

Oracle Metalink note 739785.1 explains how to recover it by downloading a reset_password script. I’ve uploaded that script to rapidshare, so if you don’t have a metalink account you can grab it here.

1 . Unzip the file

[root@vm ~]# cd /tmp
[root@vm reset_password]# unzip
[root@vm ~]# cd reset_password

2. Create the encrypt function

Create the encrypt password schema function in the Oracle VM Manager database. It will ask for the OVS password that you defined at the installation moment  (probably on the Oracle XE database you used, unless you have a different database)

[root@vm reset_password]# sh ./
Please enter the password for the database account OVS:

3. Reset the password

[root@vm reset_password]# sh ./
Please enter the password for database account 'OVS':
Please specify the account for which you want to reset the password:admin
Please choose the way you want to reset password:
1. Reset to the default Password
2. Specify your own Password

Note: If you choose option 1, the admin account is reset with the default password of ‘oracle’
Administrators can specify user-defined passwords using option 2

Hope it helps you too…


  1. File is missing from rapidshare. If it’s just a text file (script) you could post it anywhere.

    Help! Need to make OVM Mangler work!

  2. Hi,

    Seems like the zip file is empty. Would appreciate if you can post again. Thanks!

  3. Hi,
    I have downloaded the files, ran the file It asks for password, but it does not set it to Oracle VM manager. I still receive the same error of invalid password while i log in to Oracel VM manager.

  4. Hi,
    Sorry guys, i think i was making some mistake in resetting password. I re applied the process, it works perfectly fine as mentioned in original post. Solved my problem.
    Thanks alot 🙂

  5. this works!. Thanks.

  6. That Metalink article doesn’t cover MySQL version of database backend. Anybody had this issues with MySQL?


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