Installing, starting and running VOLTDB database examples

November 29, 2010  |  dba

Installing VOLTDB it’s easy as winning when you have Cristiano Ronaldo and Mourinho on the same team 🙂 …

VOLDB is an in-memory relational database designed by Michael Stonebraker (Ingres and PostgreSQL team member). It is an ACID-compliant RDBMS which uses a shared nothing architecture. It is free software released under GPL3 terms. It supports SQL access from within pre-compiled Java stored procedures.

This 1st video it’s my home experience on my 4yo iMac about installing, starting and running a VOLTDB voters demo. This example application simulates a phone based election process. Voters (based on phone numbers generated randomly by the client application) are allowed a limited number of votes.

1. Download VOLTDB, compile all Java clients and stored procedures, build the catalog, and start the server (terminal #1)

imac:~ joaooliveira$ curl -O
imac:~ joaooliveira$ tar xpvfz MAC-voltdb-1.2.03.tar.gz
imac:~ joaooliveira$ cd voltdb-1.2.03/examples/voter/
imac:voter joaooliveira$ ant

2. Start the client application (terminal #2) that simulates a phone based election process.

imac:~ joaooliveira$ cd voltdb-1.2.03/examples/voter/
imac:voter joaooliveira$ ant client

I’ve used 2 terminals tabs, one for running the VOLDB server and another to run the demo voters.


Running the Voter example on a single node, the client process is likely to submit transactions faster than the server process can execute them. As a result, although the throughput is substantially higher than traditional database products, the latency figures may be high.

So, final results… IT’S FAST… man, so so FAST! 13.041,24 calls per second with an average latency 451,83 ms mainly because running the  Voter example on a single node the client process is likely to submit transactions faster than the server process can execute them.

VOLTDB is a newcomer in the relational databases long 40 years old history.. Personally I prefer it against NOSQL key-value databases, and I think it has an huge bright future! Despite beeing rookie in the DB market, I really think it will achieve fast and furious the MVP of this championship!

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