Forms and Reports 11g Fusion Startup Script

March 4, 2011  |  linux, weblogic

After Fusion Middleware 11g Linux installation (Weblogic, Forms, Reports, Discoverer and Portal or others) probably most of the newcomers will wonder how to create a startup script to start the Weblogic managed Servers (WLS_FORMS, WLS_REPORTS and others) when the server startup or reboot.

In 11g OPMN is used to manage Oracle Http Server (OHS), Enterprise Manager Agent and stand-alone Reports Server. If you don’t need any of those components you can ignore OPMN.

So, without loosing more time, here is the script… hope it suits you well 🙂

# You need to create files in each managed server security dir
# this file will containt the username and password to startup the servers
# the password will become obfuscated after you start the servers
# File should look like this:
# username=weblogic
# password=mypassword

# The locations of the files:
# $FORMSREPORTSDOMAIN/servers/AdminServer/security/

export MIDDLEWARE_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/product/middleware
export FORMSREPORTSDOMAIN=$MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/domains/FormsReportsDomain

echo "Starting AdminServer (...)"
nohup $FORMSREPORTSDOMAIN/ >/dev/null 2>/dev/null &

sleep 100

# In this example, the AdminServer should be listening on port 7001
# Use the nohup command to run it in the background and keep alive after disconnect
echo "Starting WLS_FORMS (...)"
nohup $FORMSREPORTSDOMAIN/bin/ WLS_FORMS "t3://localhost:7001/" >/dev/null 2>/dev/null &

echo "Starting WLS_REPORTS (...)"
nohup $FORMSREPORTSDOMAIN/bin/ WLS_REPORTS "t3://localhost:7001/" >/dev/null 2>/dev/null &

# If you use the Oracle HTTP Server or Stand-alone Reports Server or the EM
# Then we should startup OPMNCTL
echo "Starting OPMN managed components (...)"
$FORMSREPORTSINSTANCE/bin/opmnctl startall

# IN-Process Reports Server is started by going to url http://myserver:9002/reports/rwservlet/getserverinfo
# So, let's force a request to that URL with curl
curl http://myserver:9002/reports/rwservlet/getserverinfo  >/dev/null

Been very busy lately… so i hope the script explains itself.



  1. hi sir..
    i want to install oracle 11g forms n reports on fedora…is it possible? n if yes then wht r the steps for it…

    • Yes it’s possible… under fedora 8 it’s pretty straightforward… you must be aware that Oracle software relies on very well tested OS versions, so you can’t expect running them on fedora latest releases!

  2. Hi

    i need to have this script in Windows or as windo service .


    • you can code your own 🙂 i don’t use windows for running oracle software for about 12 years. linux gave me what windows wasn’t able to offer me… stability, performance and easy maintenance!


  3. Greate info Joao. Well done!


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