Oracle database available as a service on Amazon AWS (RDS)

May 24, 2011  |  cloud, dba, linux

Today Amazon announced the availability of Amazon RDS for Oracle Database. Now you will be able to run multiple editions of Oracle Database 11g (Release 2) via Amazon RDS. With Amazon RDS, you can provision a pre-configured Oracle database and scale the underlying hardware anytime you want in a couple of minutes using the friendly AWS Management Console web interface.

Amazon RDS provides a simple, managed, scalable, reliable, secure and inexpensive database service on the Cloud. It also provides you pre-configured database parameters, a monitoring and metrics system, automatic software patching and database backups, database snapshots, easy scaling and automatic host replacement in case of hardware failure.

Amazon RDS currently supports six DB Instance Classes. The first 2 and the cheapest are:

  • Small DB Instance gives you 1.7 GB memory, 1 ECU (1 virtual core with 1 ECU), 64-bit platform and Moderate I/O Capacity, starting at 0.11$ per hour.
  • Large DB Instance comes with 7.5 GB memory, 4 ECUs (2 virtual cores with 2 ECUs each), 64-bit platform, High I/O Capacity, starting at 0.44$ per hour.

If you’re a DBA, the memory_target is 75% of the Instance Classe memory, so a Small DB Instance uses a max of 1275MB of memory, while the Large can hit 5625MB of memory!

You can run Amazon RDS for Oracle Database under two different licensing models:

License Included: In the “License Included” service model, you do not need separately purchased Oracle licenses; the Oracle Database software has been licensed by AWS. “License Included” pricing starts at $0.16 per hour, inclusive of software, underlying hardware resources, and Amazon RDS management capabilities. This model currently supports Oracle Database Standard Edition One.

Bring Your Own License (BYOL): If you own a Oracle Database license, you can use the “BYOL” model to run Oracle deployments on Amazon RDS with rates starting at $0.11 per hour. The Oracle DB Instances reside in the Amazon EC2 environment, and Oracle’s licensing policy for Amazon EC2 is located here. Using this model, you can run Enterprise, Standard and SE One Oracle Databases in the AWS cloud while benefiting from the management capabilities of Amazon RDS. The “BYOL” model is designed for customers who prefer to use existing Oracle database licenses or purchase new licenses directly from Oracle.

Currently the “License Included” model is only available for Oracle Standard Edition.

Take a look at the pricing model:

You also have the option to purchase Reserved DB Instances under one or three year reservation terms. With Reserved DB Instances, you can make a low, one-time, upfront payment for each DB Instance and then pay a significantly discounted hourly usage rate, achieving up to 48% net cost savings. The pricing for reserved instances:

I’ll write further details about installation and setting up in the next days… keep tuned in!



  1. Is Oracle Apex included ?

    • No. APEX is not included. This is only a database service. Keep checking this blog. Later i’ll post a demo about using Oracle on Amazon RDS .


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