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Multiple hanging processes or errors running /etc/cron.daily/rpm

June 27, 2011  |  linux  |  No Comments

If you attempt to run an RPM command  and receive an error message that the RPM database is in use, or if you have multiple zombie cron processes probably you'll need to rebuild the rpm database. Take a look: [root@db2 root]# ps -ef  root     31366 31019  0 04:02 ?      ...

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Changed weblogic password, managed servers WLS_FORMS/WLS_REPORTS don’t start anymore

June 1, 2011  |  weblogic  |  2 Comments

Today I've changed the password of the weblogic user using the weblogic web console. I went to Security realms users and groups and edited the weblogic password. All seemed to be working ok, I successfully logout and login. I could stop the Weblogic AdminServer and start it again... Perfect, I...

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