Changed weblogic password, managed servers WLS_FORMS/WLS_REPORTS don’t start anymore

June 1, 2011  |  weblogic

Today I’ve changed the password of the weblogic user using the weblogic web console. I went to Security realms users and groups and edited the weblogic password. All seemed to be working ok, I successfully logout and login. I could stop the Weblogic AdminServer and start it again… Perfect, I though! But it wasn’t …

The managed servers (WLS_FORMS and WLS_REPORTS) didn’ start anymore. After checking log and output files ($MYDOMAIN/servers/WLS_REPORTS/logs/WLS_REPORTS.out) I noted that I was hitting the error



I also tried to start the managed server interactively ( WLS_FORMS “http://server:7001”) but with no luck at all. Same error everytime….

Well, some months ago I needed to recover the weblogic password because I forgot it, so I tried it remove the DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldif and generate it again. After that, I’ve started up the AdminServer.. The managed servers started perfectly and I was happy again! To be honest I don’t understand what the F*** those guys at Oracle do and I seriously doubt that they test this kind of stuff at their work… But they should! At least the weblogic console should alert that by changing the weblogic password the managed servers would stop working… I’m a bit angry with those guys, they made me waste 3 precious hours!

Before you reset the weblogic password BEWARE that any custom authentication providers you may have add before will be lost and You’ll have to configure the Security Realm again.




  1. I encountered the same problem at the begining of the month.
    May be it can be helpful for you:
    After changing password from Admin Console you can start Admin server and then save your custom realm by exporting it from this page:
    Home >Summary of Security Realms >myrealm > Migration -> Export
    After reseting password realms can be imported back

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