ORA-01017 running EXPDP from Enterprise Manager

November 13, 2011  |  dba, pl/sql

Well, it seems this weekend EM bugs arrived to town to annoy me. Today I’ve waste about an hour trying to find why EXPDP fails to export a schema when running from enterprise manager. I’m running Oracle Database When I try to run EXPD from the Oracle Enterprise Manager I get the following error:

Connect Failed: ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied (DBD ERROR: OCISessionBegin)

I’ve checked alert.log and this was what’s going on there:

Tue Nov 13 10:25:16 2011 The value (30) of MAXTRANS parameter ignored.
kupprdp: master process DM00 started with pid=76, OS id=347304 to execute - SYS.KUPM$MCP.MAIN('EFDPROD_EXPORT', 'SYSTEM', 'KUPC$ C_1_20111113102514', 'KUPC$S_1_20111113102514', 0);

When running EXPDP from command line I had no problems exporting data and all goes fine. After searching on oracle support I found that this is a bug related to password content. My password contains a dollar sign ($) and that’s the problem! This is an old bug that’s only fixed on patchset or by applying PATCH:5631628.

As a  workaround you may run EXPDP command line or by schedule a dbms_datapump job that runs a PL/SQL procedure to export you data… or just by changing your password 🙂




  1. Replace the dollar with the yuan sign, that’s the currency of the future 😉

    • lol 🙂 well if the bilions of poor chinese start moving to middle class, their consumer expectations will increase and I don’t think the yuan will not be enough stable to be future currency! 🙂

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