Oracle Reports 12c ? Oracle Reports die at 11g!

November 23, 2011  |  weblogic

Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c will be released soon. Gerd Volberg told that at DOAG Development Panel the future of Oracle Reports is not bright. To be honest I understand Oracle if they don’t release Oracle Reports 12c. I understand because Oracle is greedy. They have a wonderful piece of software named BI Publisher and it seems they couldn’t sell it as they would expect. And they can’t sell mainly because of its price tag. BI Publisher is several times as expensive as Oracle Forms & Reports.

I think that Oracle Reports died several years ago at age 0f 6i … 🙂 Every new released version since 6i was the pre-announce of the fall of the Reports empire. Few new really important features were released in the last 10 years. Two years ago I was informed that the Forms and Reports team was really small. For instance compared to JDeveloper at that time it was dozen times smaller.

Oracle Reports nowadays is very limited compared to BIRT for instance. Despite some excellent features as the matrix reports capability, it has an antiquated interface, complicated layout manager and dying skill set.

It’s hard to admit because at my company we have all reports based on Oracle Reports. And they are very reliable. But the technology didn’t evolve… And in the IT world the rule is: EVOLVE or DIE!

RIP Oracle Reports,



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