Oracle is pretty serious about cloud! Just bought RightNow

November 28, 2011  |  cloud

If anyone have any doubts about Oracle’s commitment to cloud computing, this move should clear any doubts. RightNow is primarily known for its business model of offering its software as a hosted service in the cloud. The $1.43 billion move will spark more rumors and speculation of bids for other so-called cloud technology companies that deliver software, data and computing power over the Internet. If anyone around still think that cloud computing is not for big businesses, think twice. I bet that in 5 years cloud computing services at businesses will be as common as sand on a beach.

This deal is the biggest since 2010 when Oracle bought Sun for $7.4 billion. This is also the result of a commitment by the software giant to create its Public Cloud for delivering IT services to businesses, which was announced at the beginning of October.

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