Oracle Weblogic 12c is available… and targets the Cloud!

December 1, 2011  |  cloud, weblogic

Today Oracle WebLogic Server 12c was announced. 12c is the new release of the number 1 application server for conventional and engineered systems plus cloud environments. Oracle WebLogic Server delivers innovative new capabilities for building, deploying and running Java applications. Part of Fusion Middleware, Weblogic Server is the center piece of the Oracle’s Cloud Application Foundation and it’s now certified for the full Java Enterprise Edition 6 specification and Java 7 SE.

Oracle Traffic Director, aka OTD, integrates with Oracle WebLogic Server 12c to add high performance and high availability routing capabilities, allowing dynamic caching, load balancing plus proxy support for HTTP applications. Oracle Traffic Director seems to replace former Oracle Webcache.

WebLogic Server 12c also works with Oracle Public Cloud, making it easy to deploy in-house or VAB applications to the Oracle Public Cloud.

There’s also integration between WebLogic Server and Oracle RAC (Real Application Clusters), allowing the automatic detection and correction of database node failures. WL 12c now supports TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security) which is the successor to SSL.

Now there’s a new lightweight version of WebLogic. The developer edition can be downloaded from the OTN and it’s just 168MB zipped. This version is much smaller that the production data-center deployment solutions. So lot’s of developers should be happy today… it was very annoying that we would need to install a cannon when most of the times we just want to kill a fly 🙂


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