My 2011 TOP 5 Oracle Resources

December 23, 2011  |  off-Topic

After analyzing my browsing history I denoted that there are some resources that I read often than others. The 5 oracle resources I used most in the past year were:

Oracle Support. Former metalink is a site that I go almost every week. There are tons of information but there’s some problems… The site runs on flash (WTF says Steve Jobs) and the non-flash version is very limited! Also, oracle support should be much social friendly than it is…

OTN was probably my first oracle resource. Still remember when I received the OTN card few weeks after joining, those marvelous days of the former technet 🙂

PSOUG is very friendly to google… At least is what google thinks 🙂 There are plenty of information there and very good and concise information easily found on google.

It’s a pity that I didn’t meet Tim Hall at UKOUG 2008 at Birmingham… I like a lot his technical articles.

Last but not least… The semi-god Tom Kyte 🙂 and

Happy XMAS for everyone…




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