Amazon announces Redshift, a data warehouse service!

November 28, 2012  |  cloud, dba

Today at Amazon AWS re:invent, Amazon announced a cloud service for data warehouse customers. It allows to easily analyse petabytes of data, interacts with known BI solutions, and it’s usually 10 times faster than traditional implementations… queries run really blazing fast! This service is certified by MicroStrategy and Jaspersoft.

Redshift runs on data warehousing optimized hardware with local storage and 10GigE network connections. User can connect can connect SQL client and  business intelligence tools using standard well know JBDBC or ODBC drivers.

Redshift nodes come in 2 sizes, hs1.xlarge and hs1.8xlarge, holding 2 TB and 16 TB of compressed data, respectively. An Amazon Redshift cluster can have up to 32 hs1.xlarge nodes for up to 64 TB of storage or 100 hs1.8xlarge nodes for up to 1.6 PB of storage.

The on-demand price starts at $0.85 per hour for a 2 terabyte data warehouse, scaling linearly up to petabytes.

For more information take a look at redshift website and at amazon aws blog:

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