In the end, Love… always wins!

March 14, 2013  |  cloud, mobile

In the past 18 months I’ve researched and learned at least a dozen new (to me) and recent technologies. Any of them belongs to 2 interesting areas that I’ve focused in that period… Cloud and Mobile. I’m an early Amazon Web Services adopter and I’ve deployed several services and infrastructures on AWS which (luckily) have been running flawlessly for about 4 years.  All cloud backup strategies I currently deploy sit around S3. Most of my standby databases are deployed on EC2 + EBS. I use Cloud Delivery Network to improve speed and reliability of Magento Commerce deployments. So, cloud wasn’t a foggy place to me. I mean, I thought it wasn’t.

2 years ago I didn’t knew salesforce cloud database databasedotcom, neither MongoDB services from MongoHQ or MongoLab, neither CouchDB service from IrisCouch. I was plenty confident managing Oracle, Mysql or Postgres databases, I also managed several SQL Server databases… but I was blindsided to the cloud databases side. Well, but 2 years ago some of those databases services were children trying to play on adults playground. That said, today I think that the mobile revolution “forced” those children to grow up quickly. And they grew… wow… they really grew a lot. Salesforce databasedotcom is a huge evolution on cloud database offerings, it has a great API, wonderful security model and it has good price. MongoHQ and MongoLab provide a very good lightweight database with pretty good REST API with awesome spatial queries.

Today, I’ve a bunch of databases running on MongoHQ supporting some mobile apps in projects I’ve been working on. I love the speed, scalability of their services and I really enjoy the Ruby mongoid/moped gem and the REST API. I’ve played with databasedotcom and saw tremendous potential for being the platform of choice for any enterprise that wants to embrace the cloud movement. I love their web console interface too.

2 years ago I didn’t knew Heroku PaaS, when Salesforce already owned it. I had services deployed on EC2 instances and my team had to manage their availability and performance. I already was enjoying AWS services but in the end of the day, we were “just” managing Virtual servers anyway…

Today, I’ve got some Ruby/Rails services and applications running 24×7 on Heroku. I enjoy the elasticity and simplicity of their services, and looking back, comparing to EC2 instance deployments, Heroku it’s a life saviour and a wonderful platform as a service.

2 years ago I was trying to research native mobile SDK’s to prepare to the upcoming mobile revolution that was on every IT department horizon. In the past year, me and my friend Paulo, we struggled to find the best tool to fit our mobile needs… We started to research rhodes, now Rhomobile owned by Motorola, and we created apps for iOS and Android with that technology… but despite Rhomobile generates some native components, we quickly found that HTML5 interfaces, specially JQuery mobile, had lots of issues that mobile users tend to dislike… isn’t it Mr Zuckerberg ? Then we made some investigation on Corona, a great SDK to create games and visual appealing apps… It uses Lua language and we can find lot of resources on internet… much more than rhomobile! Well, but that wasn’t good enough, at least we thought so. 2 months ago we gave another look at a technology solution that 18 months ago didn’t fit our needs. It’s Appcelerator Titanium. After playing some time with it, we’ve create an app… I mean YET Another Weather APP. This app relies on MongoDB for country/state/city geolocation spatial queries, has a service running on Heroku to parse data from several national weather agencies, and it was built with love… And as you know, in the end, love always wins! 🙂

That said… my advice to every one of you out there is: “being outdated” is a state of mind, if you try hard you can achieve things you even imagine you can do it!

Here you have it… Our weather APP! Soon available in an app store near you!


weatherapp2 weatherapp1


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