Moving blog to new hosting provider, Research and Results!

August 11, 2013  |  cloud

Last months I’ve noticed that my blog was a bit slower than usual. The first bytes that I received in the first network requests took around 3-4 seconds and loading the front page in some hours of the day was a pain. I believe that an optimal website should load in less than 3 seconds… but that’s me! That’s my tuning oriented mind-set 🙂 !

I had my site running at bluehost servers. It was time to renew my contract so I decide to research a little bit about good hosting providers options. I like performance oriented approaches. For instance, if you use to read my blog you know that I prefer Nginx instead of Apache, cause Nginx is faster and use less resources than Apache http server. Performance for me it’s essential in any IT layer. So when I found Crocweb and read that they use Litespeed I knew that they were a performance oriented hosting provider. Btw, they also use SSD disks on their servers… so performance is a priority to those folks. Of course I know this is an economical approach, because if they handle more virtualhosts at each server, they save energy, hardware, etc… But, this approach showed me that performance is an important factor to this company. They’re based on Canada, but usually I prefer US hosting companies… mainly because 60% of my readers are US-based. So, I decided to make some network request tests FROM several US and EU cities TO bluehost and to crocweb servers. Take a look:



Despite crocweb data center is located in Canada it wins in the majority of US cities ping average response times (13 out of 16) . Only LA and Seattle is a clear win to Bluehost, may be because bluehost data center is locate in Utah.

I’ve also tested the ping requests from Europe:




Crocweb wins again in 13 of 15 cities. That’s very good results, I didn’t expect it.

After those tests, I’ve created my account on crocweb (btw, awesome instant chat support) and started moving 2 domains I own to crocweb. Even more beautiful was that crocweb support offers CPanel to CPanel migration… So I had no geek work to do to move my sites to their facilities. Awesome! Really!

Instantly after my account was created I notice a super fast CPanel interface and very fast web file manager! But of course, I know CPanel could be located at different server that my sites reside on… So, I kept my horses calm with no excess entusiasm. After crocweb support finished the migration I’ve started the domain transfer (that can take 2 to 7 days), but I wanted to test this blog speed right-away. So I edit my hosts file forcing OSX  to think was already at the new server. Well, instant surprise. The site loaded very fast compared with what I was used to. It was nice to feel the difference. Well, I just hope that this performance keeps after 60 days money back guarantee that crocweb offers! 😉

Later today, I’ll enable Content Delivery Network (CDN) on my blog, so that my readers have fast response times, independently which lovely place they live on Earth! And I’ll blog about it too! 🙂


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