CloudFlare I trusted you :)

February 1, 2015  |  cloud

For the past months I’ve been using CloudFlare on some projects, mainly web stores built with Magento and some CMS. For the most of them, CloudFlare works really great and I think CloudFlare is a great company. There’s lot of plugins to manage CloudFlare integration with e-commerce solutions and usually it’s pretty straightforward to get the best of it’s services.

Lately I’ve been so busy working with new technologies such as NOSQL databases and reactive programming platforms such as Meteor, and with that I lowered my guard regarding monitoring my blog.

Today, when I was trying to check my blog, I had no access to it. Site was down! Well, the hosting was not down… What was down was my CloudFlare. CloudFlare didn’t warned me that my blog was inaccessible in the last 45 days. That’s pretty strange that something like this can happen with a company like CloudFlare. I could almost bet all of my bucks that CloudFlare in the past use to send email warnings to an user that the sites from his account was inaccessible.

CloudFlare let me down… I guess I also let myself down. I use to monitor all the services I’m responsible. We’re always learning and today I learned not to trust cloud services blindly.

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