Amazon announces Redshift, a data warehouse service!

November 28, 2012  |  cloud, dba  |  1 Comment

Today at Amazon AWS re:invent, Amazon announced a cloud service for data warehouse customers. It allows to easily analyse petabytes of data, interacts with known BI solutions, and it's usually 10 times faster than traditional implementations... queries run really blazing fast! This service is certified by MicroStrategy and Jaspersoft. Redshift runs on data...

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Cloud Databases : MongoDB

November 26, 2012  |  cloud, dba  |  No Comments

For several years I’ve been using Oracle and other SQL relational databases. I’ve dedicated most of the time of my researching and developing on Oracle technology. There’s no question that Oracle leads on site installations and that the quality of the products and the ROI is one of the best....

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Follow Beyond Oracle on facebook

October 3, 2012  |  cloud, dba, off-Topic  |  No Comments

Hi folks, We can't stop the social flow! Social networks are ruling the world. So as I had some free time lately, I decided do create a facebook fan page. For most of us with a facebook profile visited daily, it's easier to follow syndications and we've got a better preview...

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Don't be evil Google!

Don’t be evil Google!

May 27, 2012  |  dba  |  2 Comments

In the last 10 weeks suddenly I lost 80% of my blog visits... thanks to google! In the last 6 months I found dozens of copycats of posts I wrote and those sites have a greater rank than my legit original blog! For that, Thank you a lot google... you're not...

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ORA-01017 running EXPDP from Enterprise Manager

November 13, 2011  |  dba, pl/sql  |  2 Comments

Well, it seems this weekend EM bugs arrived to town to annoy me. Today I've waste about an hour trying to find why EXPDP fails to export a schema when running from enterprise manager. I'm running Oracle Database When I try to run EXPD from the Oracle Enterprise Manager...

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Enterprise Manager (EM) not running after OS timezone change (nmectl_validateTZRegion)

November 12, 2011  |  dba, linux  |  1 Comment

I've installed Oracle Database 11gr2 Oracle_Home ( on an Oracle Linux EC2 instance and then moved that home to a new server. Database was running, listener too, but Enterprise Manager crashed after login and the log file shows that there a problem with the agent timezone: cat /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1/myhost.com_apex/sysman/log/emdctl.trc 2011-11-12 11:03:11,376 Thread-1708107488 ERROR...

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