ORA-01017 running EXPDP from Enterprise Manager

November 13, 2011  |  dba, pl/sql  |  2 Comments

Well, it seems this weekend EM bugs arrived to town to annoy me. Today I've waste about an hour trying to find why EXPDP fails to export a schema when running from enterprise manager. I'm running Oracle Database When I try to run EXPD from the Oracle Enterprise Manager...

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Data Pump PL/SQL error when called via procedure

July 18, 2008  |  dba, pl/sql  |  1 Comment

Do you remember my data pump code sample post about PL/SQL partial export? Btw, It's on the top 5 most read in my blog. So today I've found that if that code is run directly, on SQLPLUS or any other tool like SQL DEVELOPER, SQL NAVIGATOR, in the following way: [sql] DECLARE variables; BEGIN pl_sql_code; END; [/sql] It...

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Data Pump PL/SQL partial export

June 10, 2008  |  dba, pl/sql  |  11 Comments

Since the release 10g, Oracle have redesigned the export / import method. Oracle still ships EXP and IMP but DATA PUMP is now the standard tool for fast data movement between databases. DATA PUMP syntax is very similar to EXP/IMP, although its technology is entirely different. Data Pump runs independent database...

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